From patience comes perfection

From patience comes perfection

I recently put the bustle of life as European Business Manager behind me and escaped to the serene foothills of a Japanese mountain range. I was visiting my Nagano colleagues at the heart of our industrious, precision-focused facility.

Indeed, whenever I visit the Nagano manufacturing base, I am awestruck not just by the stunning location, but also by the great commitment to safety that goes into every element of the powered access range. From manufacturing Hitachi televisions and circuit boards over 50 years ago, through to the powered access equipment today, it’s always been that way. Quality and safety are paramount.

Our crawler booms operate at construction sites all over the world, standing up to extreme challenges and always delivering on safety and reliability. For us, it’s not just equipment: the lives of operators and customers are always at the front of our minds.

Perhaps this dedication to precision quality and reliability comes from the Japanese concept of KAIZEN, the idea of continuous improvement. It certainly shows in the stringent quality control procedures undertaken throughout the manufacturing facility in Nagano prefecture.

We all know that working at height using powered access equipment can present certain hazards. That’s why Nagano products are packed with safety features that continually monitor the working environment, automatically activate emergency stop controls designed to keep the operator from exceeding the safe operating parameters and alarms to indicate to the operator that they are close to these limits. As well as simple and accessible maintenance procedures, stability and usability – all count towards the excellent safety and quality assurance that comes as standard with our equipment.

But it’s more than that. As I saw on the factory floor, quality control and precise craftmanship take Nagano’s reputation for safety and reliability to new heights. In short, the safety of operators using Nagano equipment is directly and clearly linked to the quality of manufacture.

Every part of the process is quality controlled, down to the smallest detail. Meticulous QE coding provides accountability to the staff member and time of crafting. And crafting is the right word: Nagano equipment is hand-built and hand-finished. Nagano craftsmanship involves the human touch, something that can’t be created by machine manufacturing. Like a Rolex watch or fine jewellery. Something of the craftsman goes into every piece of equipment. Testing and monitoring are performed and re-checked: no product leaves the facility until it has met the company’s most rigorous standards.

We liken the quality of our products to those of the high-end car industry. Designed by skilled, experienced engineers and machinists, Nagano delivers the exquisite process, attention to detail and craftmanship of an Aston Martin or Lotus. Perfection takes patience.

But our customers don’t use powered access equipment for the thrill of it. That’s why we take safety so seriously. You can climb into a Nagano platform or operate Nagano machinery with confidence and know you will be working at height with low risk. That’s a relationship built on trust.

That’s why I was more than happy to take in the wonderful views of the countryside from the top of the Nagano 20ATuj folding crawler boom.

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