From patience comes perfection

From patience comes perfection

I recently put the bustle of life as European Business Manager behind me and escaped to the serene foothills of a Japanese mountain range. I was visiting my Nagano colleagues at the heart of our industrious, precision-focused facility.

Indeed, whenever I visit the Nagano manufacturing base, I am awestruck not just by the stunning location, but also by the great commitment to safety that goes into every element of the powered access range. From manufacturing Hitachi televisions and circuit boards over 50 years ago, through to the powered access equipment today, it’s always been that way. Quality and safety are paramount.

Our crawler booms operate at construction sites all over the world, standing up to extreme challenges and always delivering on safety and reliability. For us, it’s not just equipment: the lives of operators and customers are always at the front of our minds.

Perhaps this dedication to precision quality and reliability comes from the Japanese concept of KAIZEN, the idea of continuous improvement. It certainly shows in the stringent quality control procedures undertaken throughout the manufacturing facility in Nagano prefecture.

We all know that working at height using powered access equipment can present certain hazards. That’s why Nagano products are packed with safety features that continually monitor the working environment, automatically activate emergency stop controls designed to keep the operator from exceeding the safe operating parameters and alarms to indicate to the operator that they are close to these limits. As well as simple and accessible maintenance procedures, stability and usability – all count towards the excellent safety and quality assurance that comes as standard with our equipment.

But it’s more than that. As I saw on the factory floor, quality control and precise craftmanship take Nagano’s reputation for safety and reliability to new heights. In short, the safety of operators using Nagano equipment is directly and clearly linked to the quality of manufacture.

Every part of the process is quality controlled, down to the smallest detail. Meticulous QE coding provides accountability to the staff member and time of crafting. And crafting is the right word: Nagano equipment is hand-built and hand-finished. Nagano craftsmanship involves the human touch, something that can’t be created by machine manufacturing. Like a Rolex watch or fine jewellery. Something of the craftsman goes into every piece of equipment. Testing and monitoring are performed and re-checked: no product leaves the facility until it has met the company’s most rigorous standards.

We liken the quality of our products to those of the high-end car industry. Designed by skilled, experienced engineers and machinists, Nagano delivers the exquisite process, attention to detail and craftmanship of an Aston Martin or Lotus. Perfection takes patience.

But our customers don’t use powered access equipment for the thrill of it. That’s why we take safety so seriously. You can climb into a Nagano platform or operate Nagano machinery with confidence and know you will be working at height with low risk. That’s a relationship built on trust.

That’s why I was more than happy to take in the wonderful views of the countryside from the top of the Nagano 20ATuj folding crawler boom.

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Nagano Dealer Training

First training event

Early in July 2019, Nagano held its first European training event for our dealers Vertimac and Pfeifer heavy machinery in the Netherlands.

Nagano sent 3 technical members of staff over from Japan to conduct the training which lasted a full 2 days and covered all the major elements of the electrical and hydraulic systems.

Mr Yoshizawa, Product assurance dept manager

“Europe is a long way from Japan. And it is difficult for us to take any action when the machines are such a long way from us. This is why our dealer training is so important.

I visited for the training event to ensure that the quiality that Nagano prides itself for is maintained once the machines are in Europe.

I could tell that both dealers have a great deal of technical experience and that our products are safe in their hands. Nagano business will succeed with their support.”
Mr Shimomura, Service dept.

” It was an enjoyable experience for me to visit Europe and to give the electrical training. I feel an affinity with the dealers technical staff. They understood everything very well.”

Mr Wada, Service dept manager.

” I was worried about giving my first training course in Europe, but my worries were soon gone because I understood very early on that the dealers level of technical knowledge was very high.

Our machines a very safe in Europe with our highly skilled dealers being able to provide exceptional levels of technical support.”

Want simpler servicing and maintenance? It’s about time!

simpler servicing

When you run a rental fleet, you know that the longer equipment spends in the workshop, the less time it has to make money. Nagano powered access equipment systems are quicker to service than competing products because they are designed with straightforward maintenance in mind – to save you time and increase productivity.



From smaller hydraulic oil tanks to easy basket removal, our units come with a host of features that add up to real savings.

On our S15Auj, it takes one person less than three hours to replace the cassette housing the hydraulic hoses and electric cables that run through the boom centre, connecting the lower machine structure to the operator’s platform. That’s because there’s no need to take apart the boom. However, it may take up to two days for two people to carry out the same job on competitors’ products. When boom wear pads need replacing, this can also be done without dismantling the boom.

Our 60-litre hydraulic oil tank represents a big saving on service cost compared to the demands of competitors’ 100+ litre hydraulic tanks.

We’ve worked to make oil filter changes trouble-free, with space to manoeuvre to collect waste oil and avoid spills; while all oil fuel and air filters are grouped together in easy-access locations. If the basket becomes damaged, it only requires the removal of eight bolts to take it out for repair or exchange it for a new one.

Many features come as standard, from black rubber pads fitted to the tracks, which can be replaced individually if required, to hydraulic pressure test points and air bleeding points. That means, when you’re replacing a hose or hydraulic part, any air trapped in the circuit couldn’t be quicker to remove. And we’ve made all the hydraulic fittings common BSP – keeping things simple so you can keep products working.

Leading service

Our customers require products that they can rely on, which operate to the highest standards and protect their own reputation. That is why our parts and service commitment – in agreement with our dealerships in Europe – guarantees a parts supply network to keep your work on track.

Connect with your dealership to access your parts supply contract or to find out more about the Nagano range of powered access equipment.

Europe is still a tough market, but Nagano has what it takes

Following highly encouraging sales at Nagano’s first ever appearance at BAUMA, it’s worth noting that our success is against a backdrop of tough market conditions in Europe.

According to a report published by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), the global fleet size of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) grew by around 8% in 2016-2017. In the UK, MEWP hire outstripped the wider construction industry by two to one in 2017.

European markets experienced strong overall revenue growth (based on latest research, in April 2018). Germany, UK and Sweden saw strong market growth for the seventh or eighth year in a row and significant upturn was experienced in Southern Europe although in Denmark and Norway, revenue growth was moderate.

But why is it that in the US and South East Asia, the average unit revenue in the US is around 30% higher than in Europe?

Factors could include European emissions regulations, which call for more specialist hybrid or electric equipment; high levels of competition; and some countries still emerging from the global downturn of a decade ago may all be factors.

With Nagano products now available in Europe, the European rental market can start to close the gap. Nagano products offer value for money with less downtime, greater access and easy maintenance of equipment. Our relationships with Vertimac and Pfeiffer ensure seamless delivery, aftersales and maintenance service.

Nagano also uses the tracked base, now coming back into favour according to analysis by Access International. Tracked platforms provide increased stability in tricky-access and precarious locations and are defining features in the Nagano range of both telescopic and crawler boom products.

Nagano fulfils the key growth areas: tracked base and expansion in Europe. Contact your dealer today to see where Nagano can take you.

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Nagano exceeds expectations at BAUMA

For the first time, industry-leading producer of specialist enhanced access platforms, Nagano, took a stand at the recent BAUMA show, the world’s biggest construction machinery trade fair.

By lunchtime on the first day, no less than five of the Japanese company’s crawler boom aerial work platforms were snapped up by European customers, eager to do business with the new kid on the block. A further 35 machines were sold by Nagano’s European dealers Pfeifer Heavy Machinery and Vertimac. During the week they welcomed over 1000 visitors, from across the world!

Customers from across the world flock to BAUMA 2019 to meet Nagano

So, has taking a stand at BAUMA paid off?

According to Steve North, Nagano European Consultant, yes, it undoubtedly has.

“Our success at BAUMA confirms there is a gap between identifying projects with challenging access requirements and supplying the right products to facilitate the work. Nagano combines the latest technology with the highest guarantees of access, safety and reliability. Now the European clients that aspire to be market-leaders have the machinery to take them to the next level.”

Steve says the sales reflect not only the quality and reach of their ultra-stable and reliable products, but that Nagano is fulfilling a need in Europe.

“There’s clearly a demand in Europe for products that enable clients to reach that bit further, and gain the benefits of ease of maintenance, reduced down-time and better value for money. With Nagano in Europe, along with our Europe dealers Vertimac and Pfeiffer Heavy Machinery, we’re meeting that need.”

“We’ve shown that we have the product range, the delivery and the after-sales service all wrapped up to ensure that our clients are getting nothing but the best, to take their business to new heights.”

“Visitors to the stand experienced in-depth introductions to our leading products, including the S15Auj 15m the specialist for telescopic reach; and 20ATuj 20m, best in show for articulation, both on a tracked base for assured stability in all conditions.”

If you didn’t make it to Munich, catch up with Nagano’s Netherlands dealer Pfeifer Heavy Machinery at Vertikal Days, Donington Park, on May 15th and 16th at stand TS7/8. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Visit the Nagano Access Europe website to find out more about Nagano.

Japan’s number one, at Europe’s number one

The show’s about to start!

It’s big. It’s bold. It’s brilliant. It’s BAUMA. And it’s only just under 3 weeks away!

Japanese company Nagano is excited to attend BAUMA alongside their European dealer partners Vertimac and Pfeifer Heavy Machinery, to launch their world-class powered access equipment to a global market.

BAUMA, the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair, takes place in Munich from 8-14 April. It brings members of the construction industry together to focus on cutting-edge technology, knowledge-sharing, new products and industry developments.

“We are all very excited about launching the Nagano brand at BAUMA and are looking forward to welcoming visitors to our stand. There will be technical specialists available to answer any sales or technical enquiries, including several members of staff from Nagano Japan.” Stephen North, Nagano European Consultant.


  • S15Auj 8.4t 15m telescopic crawler boom and the 20ATuj 9.4t 20m articulated crawler boom aerial work platforms. Telescopic is ideal for when your project demands quick access, but base proximity is a challenge, also where outreach plus height is required. Articulation brings you closer to the action, with compact design, simple storage and great flexibility.
  • 09A 2.3t 9m zero articulated tail swing crawler boom. If you need to tow equipment by car or trailer, then you should look at this.
  • 11A 3.7t 11m articulated crawler boom and the 14A 3.8t 14m articulated crawler boom. Strong and robust models with a long history in the Japanese domestic market of reliability and performance. Making access to difficult working environments simple and trouble free.

Since 1968 the Nagano brand has stood for technical agility, skilful manufacture and high performance. The company designs and manufactures its world-class equipment wholly in Japan. Nagano products are available locally from Pfeifer Heavy Machinery and Vertimac with a seamless delivery and aftersales service that matches the company’s commitment to engineering excellence.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet us in one of our dedicated meetings areas and find out how Nagano products can enhance delivery of your projects. Contact your local dealer to arrange a time. Such is the interest in Nagano, there are only limited places left – so do move fast.

You can find Nagano at BAUMA at location FS. 1103/4.

Visit the Nagano Access Europe website to find out more about Nagano.

Nagano exhibits at BAUMA for the first time in 2019

Japanese company Nagano, leading producer of enhanced access aerial lifting equipment, is delighted to attend BAUMA for the first time in 2019.

Nagano has recently secured key dealer partnerships within Europe, enabling it to extend supply of bestselling and new products to the European market.

BAUMA, the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair, takes place in Munich April 8-14. It brings members of the construction industry together to focus on cutting-edge technology, knowledge-sharing, new products and industry developments. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce Nagano’s world-class engineering to a global market.

Stephen North, Nagano European Consultant, said he was delighted to be representing the company at its first ever European show and looked forward to meeting members of the wider construction community.

“Attending BAUMA this year brings us a fantastic opportunity to showcase our powered access equipment to valued customers based in Europe and across the world,” he said.

“Our technical team will be on hand, exhibiting our industry-leading aerial work platforms and control devices at BAUMA. We are extending the power of Nagano to ensure the safety, reliability and reach of our construction industry clients.”

Since 1968 the Nagano brand has stood for technical agility, skilful manufacture and high performance. The company designs and manufactures its world-class equipment wholly in Japan. The dealer partnerships now set up across Europe – with Pfeifer and Vertimac – ensure Nagano products are available locally with a seamless delivery and aftersales service that matches the company’s commitment to engineering excellence.

Nagano experts at BAUMA look forward to welcoming customers in their dedicated meetings area. To find out how Nagano products can enhance delivery of your projects, don’t miss the opportunity to book your meeting: contact your local dealer to arrange a time.

Come and meet Nagano representatives at BAUMA at location FS.1103/4.

Visit the Nagano Access Europe website to find out more about Nagano.

Japan’s number one is now in Europe

Nagano, leading producer of specialist tracked aerial work platforms, recently launched its products in Europe.

The Japanese company says the European dealership agreements it has established with Pfeifer and Vertimac ensure a seamless service and peace of mind for customers, from delivery through to aftersales.

Nagano has been designing and manufacturing top-range construction equipment, including specialist enhanced access platforms, since 1968. The Nagano brand stands for world-class engineering, reflected in technical agility, skilful manufacture and high performance.

Stephen North, Nagano European Consultant, said identifying partners who share the Nagano values of excellent quality and reliability was one of the most important factors in the company’s choice of dealerships. He added,

“Nagano representatives took time to meet with technical staff at dealerships, and also welcomed dealers to the Nagano production facilities and headquarters in Japan. We were impressed with the technical knowledge and understanding that our dealers had about all-access machinery. Our agreements result in the best offer for European customers: access to specialist powered access Nagano products, reinforced by a top quality local aftersales and technical support service.”

Nagano has recently launched its access Europe website, so customers can view the product range available and select the best equipment for their project. The site allows them to contact the nearest dealership and receive support from a delivery, parts and service policy that matches the Nagano commitment to engineering excellence.

Visit the Nagano access Europe website to find out more about the range, and locate your nearest European dealership.