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Want simpler servicing and maintenance? It’s about time!

When you run a rental fleet, you know that the longer equipment spends in the workshop, the less time it has to make money. Nagano powered access equipment systems are quicker to service than competing products because they are designed with straightforward maintenance in mind – to save you time and increase productivity.



From smaller hydraulic oil tanks to easy basket removal, our units come with a host of features that add up to real savings.

On our S15Auj, it takes one person less than three hours to replace the cassette housing the hydraulic hoses and electric cables that run through the boom centre, connecting the lower machine structure to the operator’s platform. That’s because there’s no need to take apart the boom. However, it may take up to two days for two people to carry out the same job on competitors’ products. When boom wear pads need replacing, this can also be done without dismantling the boom.

Our 60-litre hydraulic oil tank represents a big saving on service cost compared to the demands of competitors’ 100+ litre hydraulic tanks.

We’ve worked to make oil filter changes trouble-free, with space to manoeuvre to collect waste oil and avoid spills; while all oil fuel and air filters are grouped together in easy-access locations. If the basket becomes damaged, it only requires the removal of eight bolts to take it out for repair or exchange it for a new one.

Many features come as standard, from black rubber pads fitted to the tracks, which can be replaced individually if required, to hydraulic pressure test points and air bleeding points. That means, when you’re replacing a hose or hydraulic part, any air trapped in the circuit couldn’t be quicker to remove. And we’ve made all the hydraulic fittings common BSP – keeping things simple so you can keep products working.

Leading service

Our customers require products that they can rely on, which operate to the highest standards and protect their own reputation. That is why our parts and service commitment – in agreement with our dealerships in Europe – guarantees a parts supply network to keep your work on track.

Connect with your dealership to access your parts supply contract or to find out more about the Nagano range of powered access equipment.

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